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Pollock Paper

– Caroline Saenz, SAP Project Manager

“We looked at other solutions, but CDI had the modern look and feel we were looking for. Our customers love the ease of use, the ability to order quickly, and the product information all in one place. We are now ready to compete with anybody.”


Find a Modern, SAP Integrated E-Commerce Solution-Fast

Pollock Paper recognized the need to build a state-of-the-art B2B e-commerce system as part of their strategic planning process. Pollock’s customers expected a B2C look and feel with B2B functionality. They struggled with the legacy e-commerce system. It was outdated, difficult to navigate, lacked the ability to store enhanced product information, and lacked integration to SAP.

Customer adoption for this legacy system was low. Pollock’s Customer Service Reps found themselves too busy handling routine orders and inquiries to focus on more strategic and competitive initiatives.

Pollock needed an e-commerce solution with the latest in technology, design, and integration to SAP. They needed to compete with industry giants without giant budgets and giant project timelines.


Modern and Innovative E-Commerce that Competes with Online Giants

After evaluating several e-commerce solutions, Pollock’s partner, Network Services, recommended CDI Technology. The Pollock team selected CDI for the following reasons:

  • A modern look and feel that could compete with online giants
  • Seamless integration to SAP for ease of order creation and inquiry
  • Spend Management personalized down to the user level
  • Over-budget alerts and workflow for approval
  • Strong recommendation from a trusted partner
  • Modern e-commerce without big budgets and big project timelines


Immediate Productivity Gains with Go-Live

Pollock went live with CDI’s ERP2Web in March 2014. In less than 6 months, they noticed the results:

  • Customers have given very positive feedback to Pollock:
    • They like the personalized shopping experience.
    • They like the Express Order Guide for quick entry.
    • They like having the product information all in one place.
    • They like having images for the products.
    • They like the intuitive design, features, and easy navigation.
  • CSR’s do not take as many calls for routine order taking, inquiries, or basic product information. More time for strategic initiatives.
  • CSR’s use ERP2Web to place orders and look up product information.
  • Personalized experience – Marketing can now more effectively communicate with customers by pushing out promotional and seasonal alerts and messages on a one-to-one, personalized basis

Competing with Giants without Giant Budgets and Timelines



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