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Network Services Distribution

– Paul Roche, CIO

“ERP2Web has made it easy for our customers to do business with us. This has created a sustained competitive advantage for Network Services.”


Customer Experience

Keeping with B2B trends, an increasing number of Network Services’ customers were expecting an easy to use system with rich product content and high degree of flexibility. 

Network Services was using an older e-commerce solution which did not meet the expectations of their customers.

To add to the complexity, three divisions of Network Services, all with unique business processes, needed to be a part of the e-commerce experience with real-time integration to SAP ERP. The previous platform was not intuitive and easy to use, and didn’t have real-time ERP integration, leading to a disjointed and frustrating customer experience.


Enhance the Customer Experience, Ongoing Support

Network Services selected ERP2Web for its superior customer experience, scalability, and real-time integration with their SAP system. With ERP2Web, they were able to take full advantage of the robust and feature-rich storefront that supported personalized customer experience, flexible search, quick ordering capabilities, and streamlined checkout process.  They were also able to offer a robust e-commerce platform, while offering spend management tools to their corporate procurement customers. 


Engaging Experience That Has Exceeded Customer Expectations

Partnering with CDI and moving to ERP2Web has provided Network Services with some great results, including:

  • Meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations around online e-commerce capabilities
  • Implemented thousands of locations with little or no training required
  • Increased number of orders and increased average order value
  • Robust and reliable technology platform

By implementing ERP2Web, Network Services gained higher visibility into customer’s buying patterns thus creating sustained competitive advantage.

Superior Customer Experience and Improved Customer Retention


Wholesale Distribution


$870 Million

ERP Application


CDI Solution


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