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Henny Penny

– Bob Blackburn, IT Delivery Manager

“EZ-Order, powered by ERP2Web has given our customers a very easy and efficient way to order configured products. We have seen an increase in our online ordering every year since its deployment while at the same time, the number of calls to our customer service team has decreased.”


Ordering complex, highly configured items online

For more than 50 years, Henny Penny has been leading the way in providing foodservice equipment solutions that truly make a difference. Because Henny Penny’s products are complex and highly configured to meet each customer’s needs, nearly 90% of their orders were entered manually into the JD Edwards by the Customer Service team. Henny Penny began to review their ordering process and discovered they had many, manual processes that made it difficult and time consuming for their customers to order products. Henny Penny concluded that creating an online portal for their customers to be able to place orders was a crucial part of their growth strategy. The challenge would be creating a portal that would allow their customers to order highly configured products without the assistance of the customer service team.


Online Portal Integrated with JD Edwards Configurator

CDI’s ERP2Web was able to give Henny Penny’s customers the ability to order not only stock items, but configured models, and accessories through Henny Penny’s online portal – EZ Order. The integration between ERP2Web and the JD Edwards Configurator means that Henny Penny’s customers can now order highly configured items themselves very quickly and without having to rely on a customer service representative for assistance. In addition to being able to order configured items, their customers can also re-order previously configured items, view order status, create quotes, and pay invoices online, all without having to contact customer service. EZ Order also helped Henny Penny broaden their global presence by utilizing its multi-language support. Currently they are using English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Portuguese.


Significant Increase in Online Orders

Since launching EZ Order, the results have been dramatic. Over 34,000 orders annually are now being placed through EZ Order. This represents about 85% of all orders placed by Henny Penny customers. Additionally, Henny Penny has over 140 of their distributors using EZ Order to place their orders. Within this group, over 70% of their orders are placed through EZ Order. Since implementing EZ Order and ERP2Web, Henny Penny has been able to realize substantial growth on a global level while at the same time, they have made it easier for their customers to do business with them.

Enabling Customer to Configure Complex Products Over the Web


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