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Covidien Ltd

– Krishna Muthu, ERP Solution Architect

“It was a very easy decision to go with CDI’s ERP2Web, because the solution’s flexibility and integration aligned with our unique business model.”


Increase Customer Satisfaction

Covidien’s main e-commerce goals were to provide better service to their increasingly mobile customers, decrease routine customer service calls, and to grow their brand awareness. With nearly 1,000 sales representatives in the field at any given time, they had a requirement for real-time access to customer information. They wanted a robust and reliable site that would maximize their online revenue and integrate real-time with JD Edwards system.


Robust Feature Set and Integration

The Covidien team quickly honed in on CDI’s ERP2Web, as the best option to drive their e-commerce initiative. Covidien chose ERP2Web, which integrates directly with their JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system, and went live in five months. Recognizing that this first-of-a-kind, customer self-service initiative represented an ambitious undertaking for them, Covidien knew that selecting the right technology would be crucial to the project’s success. Project deliverables:

  • Integrates with JDE EnterpriseOne out of the box
  • Robust and simple architecture
  • Functionality enabling both customers and sales representatives to securely and quickly order products on-the-go
  • Highly configurable solution to meet unique business needs and strict FDA regulations
  • PCI compliance for optimal security 


Better Sales, Service and Productivity

Covidien successfully launched their new ERP2Web web store, CovidienConnect, on time, on scope, and on budget. CovidienConnect spans across multiple markets through the US and Canada. The convenience of the new site is a big hit with long-time customers and new customers alike. It has helped to boost business agility and efficiency, by giving sales and customer service representatives the latest information so they can consult with customers on complex orders, advanced sales, and service issues. When in the field, sales representatives can easily place orders with a mobile device while meeting with their customer.

Key Results:

  • Routine customer service call volume decreased by 30% over 1 year
  • Fast adoption rate by customers from ease of use
  • Percent of online order total grew to 24% within 11 months
  • Covidien site was named “Most Impactful Customer Facing Initiative” throughout Covidien global for 2012

Covidien Connect with Its Customers


Medical Devices and Supplies Manfacturer


$10.2 Billion US Dollars

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