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Clif Bar & Company

– Dave Hartwell, IT Manager

“Customers describe the system as fast, more modern and up-to-date and with a very intuitive interface-it works the way we do.”


Outdated E-Commerce Site

Clif Bar implemented their first ecommerce site in 2007.   As the company continued to grow and expand to new markets, they realized that the current solution did not give them the modern look and feel that they wanted. The current solution also lacked functionality that made the sales process very time consuming for both customers and Clif Bar. Not only was it difficult to enter orders, but after entry, extensive manipulation of the orders were required.  In addition to business challenges, there were limitations on the IT side as well.  The system was hard-coded, design changes and enhancements were very difficult and time consuming for both business and IT.  Lastly, credit-card processing lacked true integration and compliance required modifications. 


Modernize Look and Feel and Enhanced Usability

Clif Bar partnered with CDI and deployed both ERP2Web and SnapPay. Clif Bar chose CDI for several reasons. First, ERP2Web and SnapPay are fully integrated with all current and future versions of JD Edwards. This means that when Clif Bar upgrades their JDE, the implementation will be less work and less expensive. ERP2Web also has modern, highly flexible, customizable interfaces that can easily be changed to adapt to the user’s business. Because of the seamless integration with JDE, when orders are entered in ERP2Web, they are also automatically entered into JDE in real-time.


Significant Increase in Online Orders

Cliff Bar has seen a significant increase in their online ordering since implementing ERP2Web, including:

  • Captured many new customer channels which has led to an 18% increase in the number of online orders from 2009 to 2013.
  • Percent of online orders to total orders grew by 26%
  • Experienced a significant reduction in waste from reducing the amount of paper orders, faxes orders, mailings, catalogs and forms.

Implementing CDI ERP2Web and SnapPay not only helped Clif Bar to meet its customer service and revenue goals, but it also allowed them to operate within their core values as well. 

Improved Look and Feel


Foods Manufacturing


$31.6 Million

ERP Application

JDE World A7.3

CDI Solution



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