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CEAT, Ltd.

– Niranjan Bhalivade, CIO

“We recently migrated to the SAP HANA® database for our organization. We were pleased to find the ERP2Web architecture successfully supported our implementation of SAP HANA. The support for SAP HANA reaffirmed the wisdom of our decision to partner with CDI many years ago.”


Dealer Retention and Improved Customer Communication

CEAT has 3500+ dealers. To manage such a large network, CEAT needed a Customer-Dealer Portal to handle online transactions and create an efficient way to communicate with their dealer network.

The key requirements for the Customer-Dealer Portal were:

  • Online ordering
  • Order status inquiry
  • E-commerce report generation
  • Efficient means to communicate with dealers
  • Real-time seamless integration with SAP ERP and SAP HANA
  • User friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Easy administration

The main challenge CEAT faced was to find a single, cost-effective solution that integrated in real time to SAP ERP and SAP HANA.


E-Commerce with Real-Time Integration to SAP and SAP HAHNA

CEAT leveraged ERP2Web’s real-time integration with SAP and SAP HANA, and its flexible architecture, to build additional functionality specific to CEAT.

The implementation was smooth and required no changes in SAP. The web store went live in 2011 and dealers, customers, and the CEAT sales team immediately began to see the benefits.

CDI implemented ERP2Web—with enhancements—on time and on budget.

CEAT’s Customer-Dealer Portal, powered by CDI, is being used by agents, their internal sales team, and the complete dealer network.


Productivity and Revenue Gains Exceed CEAT’s Expectations

By implementing CDI’s ERP2Web, CEAT exceeded their goals with:

  • 20% increase in revenue without increasing salesforce
  • 36 % gain in CSR productivity
  • Increased dealer loyalty and retention

Other key benefits of ERP2Web include:

  • Error-free order creation
  • Decrease in operating cost of a transaction
  • Improved visibility and faster delivery of information about CEAT’s products and promotions to the dealers
  • Improved business relationships with business partners
  • Improved product delivery
  • Improved inventory management

Productivity and Revenue Gains Exceed CEAT's Expectations


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