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SnapVSS Supplier Collaboration

Real-time Integration with SnapVSS Portal Optimizes SAP Supplier Collaboration or JD Edwards Supplier Collaboration

Create a new standard for efficiency in supplier collaboration by breaking the cycle of manual communications and excessive interactions regarding procurement. 

A supplier collaboration portal, SnapVSS eliminates procurement errors, ensures inventory levels meet demand, and optimizes workflow between your company and your suppliers. 

Definitive Confirmation Manages Risk for High Volume or Customized Procurement

Keep a record of clear communications to get time-stamped confirmation for acknowledgment of POs with vendors.  Send and receive email notifications to confirm steps in the procurement process.  Never carry the risk of making an unconfirmed order or change with a high volume or customized product seller. 

Ensure your company’s funds are never applied to pay for inaccurate or unusable orders.  The level of documentation provided by SnapVSS also helps avoid costly legal fees over disputes. 

Steps to Supplier Collaboration Success

Upgrade the strategic value of your Accounts Payable department by including designing and implementing an automated communications workflow with suppliers.         

With an easy to use vendor self-service system, manage Purchase Orders (PO), Advance Shipping Notifications (ASN), transaction forecasting, and outgoing payments in a centralized portal. 

Directly integrate with ERP data for SAP supplier collaboration or JD Edwards supplier collaboration that will complete each procurement cycle with maximum efficiency.

Key Purchaser Side Elements of Value

  • Risk Reduction: Automated emails document workflow and acknowledgements for POs and ASNs.
  • Organization: Receive orders that meet the timing and quantity aligned with your inventory strategy.
  • Quality: Improve and track order accuracy.
  • Integration: Access real-time, directly integrated information about ASNs and POs in progress.
  • Effort Reduction: View real-time invoice / voucher information from suppliers.

Key Supplier Side Elements of Value

  • Risk Reduction: Clear, documented confirmation of orders.
  • Time Savings: Effectively manage shipments and shipping schedules.
  • Effort Reduction: Reduce returns and amount of restock and rework.
  • Customer Relationships: Enhance and solidify the relationship with your customer.
  • Integration: View and act on real-time payment details.


Redesign Your Supplier Relationships

Set a New Standard for Procurement, Starting Today with CDI Technology

Risk Reduction

With SnapVSS, enjoy concrete confirmation that you and your suppliers have received key information, making sure no one one ends up paying for mistakes or legal hassles.