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ERP2Web E-Commerce

Real-Time Information Drives the New B2B Customer Experience With Integrated ERP E-Commerce

Let CDI help you make the commitment to beat your competition in e-commerce revenue, even in the industries that are most difficult to digitize.  Enable your customers to easily discover products through an online catalog with rich content.  Optimize the order process and payment experience for B2B.  Convert post-order customer service to self-service.  Connect your e-commerce with leading tools to measure key metrics and report success.

Enhance Customers’ B2B Product Discovery and Ordering

Present real-time integrated product and availability information directly from your ERP.  This includes advanced, rule based pricing built around user profiles leveraging ERP data.  Enable orders for configured and complex items via an online product catalog. ERP2Web offers diverse options for search and order building tailored for B2B preferences.  

Streamline the Order Experience and Payment Capabilities

Complete orders securely from order to cash with one system online.  Seamlessly integrate PCI-validated payment capability for credit cards and ACH.  Design your system to sell anywhere. Mobile devices are enabled with built-in, fully responsive design.  Open field sales channels with flexible point-of-sale solutions. 

Deliver Customer Self-Service for Post Order Information

Real-time order status and shipping information is enabled as a part of the B2B e-commerce ERP integration solution.  Orders can be changed and updated in real-time.  Invoices, and other critical documents are accessible online.  Customers can view and pay their open AR. 

Boost Strategic Value With Enhanced Metrics and Analytics

Track e-commerce activity with interoperability with Google Analytics ™ and Google E-Commerce Analytics ™.  Automate sales order summary report emails to key individuals.  With ERP2Web, your e-commerce investment and website footprint contributes to the success of SEO search results.     

Optimize E-Commerce for B2B Customer Needs

Configured Commerce

“ERP2Web has given our customers a very easy and efficient way to order configured products. We have seen an increase in our online ordering every year since its deployment while at the same time, the number of calls to our customer service team has decreased. ”  – Bob Blackburn, IT Delivery Manager, Henny Penny

Let CDI Technology help you imagine, design, and implement opportunities to extend the value of your ERP.
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