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BluePay Processing

Optimize the Order to Cash Process with a Single Provider for Payment Application, Gateway and Processing

Payment processing in B2B can be simple and streamlined.  Collect payments rapidly with a real-time integrated payment application, secure gateway and excellent processing rates.

The CDI – BluePay relationship results in real value for customers. In addition to working with well-integrated technology from a single vendor, customers get benefits like enhanced reconciliation ability with open channels for data.  



BluePay Payment Gateway

With omnichannel capabilities, advanced security and tools for fraud management, the BluePay Gateway offers customers quick, efficient online payments. Swipe or key payments via any interface: mobile, POS, integrated software, payment plugins, and others.


Large Ticket Processing

B2B merchants can reduce high processing costs associated with credit cards with BluePay’s larget ticket processing program.  Lower rates and fees for large transactions, secure sensitive payment data and reduce the day’s sales outstanding.


PCI Solutions

Protect your data with BluePay’s advanced risk tools, including P2PE (Point-to-Point Encryption), hosted payment forms and tokenization. BluePay’s in-house risk team offers dilligent security monitoring for safe data storage and 24/7 customer support.  

Annually Processing $11,000,000,000

BluePay is Trusted by More Than 42,000 Businesses

Level 2 Payment Processing

Ensure your order to cash process takes full advantage of available cost savings.  Acceptance, reporting, monitoring and control of transactions with business, corporate, and purchasing (P) cards creates an immediate cost benefit.  Simplify transactions for B2B customers with Level 2 Processing.   

Level 3 Payment Processing

Monitoring and tracking spending in large corporation and government entities is being optimized via Level 3 corporate and purchasing cards.  Merchants who process Level 3 transactions are taking advantage of lower interchange rates, while providing more information and superior services to their customers.  Tight integration with ERP systems enhances the quality of your overall payments system design.  Level 1, 2 and 3 processing is achieved with the virtual terminal on the BluePay Payment Gateway.  

Level 2 and 3 Cost Savings Without Additional Effort

B2B payment integration optimization interchange fee chart

ERP Integrated, Simplifed Reconciliation

CDI Technology and BluePay integrated payments offer robust, detailed reporting for tracking transactions from inception to settlement.  Information is consolidated in a single location.  Choice of optional APIs for automated reporting, directly into your business reconciliation software. 

Keeping Up with EMV Chip Cards

CDI and BluePay Collaborative Customer Success

CDI Technology and BluePay collaborated to make and impact at Mizuno USA

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The CDI – BluePay Connection Cost Savings Advantage

Contact us today to understand the measureable value of the CDI-BluePay connection to the way you currently reduce costs, simplify processes, integrate with your ERP and manage vendors.  

Let CDI Technology help you imagine, design, and implement opportunities to extend the value of your ERP.
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