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JOIN CDI for a UK Customer Session with IMI Hydronic Engineering

IMI Digital Transformation Journey:

Presented by David Cockram, ERP Project Manager, IMI, and Suhas Gosavi, CEO, CDI Technology.

IMI and CDI Technology will present the case study of IMI’s digital transformation journey.  Find out what led to IMI’s search for JDE integrated e-commerce and discover the criteria used for selection and measurement of success. 

The presentation includes IMI backgorund, business needs for B2B e-commerce, the selection process, implementation process, KPIs, and results.  A live look product demo will include multi-lingual, multi-currency, and mobile features. 

IMI will highlight future plans and lessons learned.  This session will be useful for any company embarking on a digital transformation journey for B2B/B2C e-commerce and online payment solutions.  

5-6 December, 2017
4PM GMT / 16:00 GMT
ICC Birmingham, UK