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Integrated ERP E-commerce Solutions

Real-time Information Drives the New B2B Customer Experience With Integrated ERP E-Commerce

CDI’s real-time integrated ERP e-commerce and payment solutions deliver digital transformation that can truly redefine your channel excellence and efficiency.  Design an open, effective, omnichannel experience in a way that suits your business, built to serve complex ERP B2B products and solutions.

ERP2Web E-Commerce

CDI Technology: Oracle Validated Integration, SAP Certified Integration

Do you have one of the 4 keys that unlock
Digital Transformation?

Internet and Mobile Device Centric Customers

Customer Demand for Real-time Data
Focus on Process Improvement
Flexibility to Sell More, More Often, More Channels

Top Reasons Companies Choose ERP2Web

Begin a strong partnership including CDI’s ERP expertise and excellent service.   

  • Seamless, Real-time Integration with ERP
  • B2B Empowered Order Options
  • Support for Complex Configured Items
  • Expedited Order to Cash Process
  • Complete Customer Self-service

Explore the Cost of Doing Nothing.

Protect your organization from loss due to lack of online presence. Investment in your customer experience needs to meet or exceed the rise of B2B buyer demands. CDI Technology can help you understand the benefit of leading your industry in integrated e-commerce.

Obliterate the reasons you aren't taking orders online.

Meet Some Revenue Innovators …

ERP2Web and SnapPay Customer, Pollock Paper

SAP Success

ERP2Web Customer, Regal Wine Company

JDE Success

ERP2Web Customer, Network Services

SAP Success

ERP2Web Customer, Accudyne Industries

JDE Success

ERP2Web Customer, Henny Penny

JDE Success

ERP2Web, SnapPay, and SnapPOS Customer, Mizuno USA

JDE Success

Optimize Your E-Commerce for B2B Customer Needs

Let CDI Technology help you imagine, design, and implement opportunities to extend the value of your ERP.
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