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Obliterate the Reasons You Aren’t Taking Orders Online


Obliterate The Reasons You Aren’t Taking Orders Online

When implementing an initial or more robust e-commerce solution seems to feel out of reach, CDI Technology relies on our 25 years of experience to help our customers look into the future past their current objections.  

1. Your customer relationships WILL be stronger.

Although moving your customer interactions from traditional channels online, or enabling traditional channels with e-commerce may seem less personal, a fully functional e-commerce portal frees your key individuals from many manual tasks and allows them to add value at every step in your customer’s journey.  

2. Your customers WILL conduct business via e-commerce today and tomorrow.

The power of the simple buying environments in today’s B2C world is captivating for the B2B buyer.  Expectations for what companies can provide in terms of e-commerce capability has changed to reflect business’s core competencies.  Amazon makes their diverse selection searchable and selectable.  Apple offers clean and innovative design.  B2B companies are now being held to this standard.  If customers can’t already see your brand of value in your online presence today, they already expect it.  

3. Configuration WILL happen quickly as a result of real-time ERP integration.

With an ERP integrated e-commerce solution that includes deep, real-time integration, the investment your company has made in the success of your ERP is extended to create value for the customer. 

4. Your industry WILL fully embrace and innovate in e-commerce solutions.

If you and your customers are a community, making improvements to that community now will pay off and help move the entire group forward. Even the industries that are resistant to digitizing will be revolutionized by innovators that take the first step. Why not be the company that leads the way?