SnapPay – A Comprehensive Real-Time JDE Credit Card Sales Order Automation & Security Solution
Since 1991, CDI has provided ERP integrated supply-chain solutions to JDE companies worldwide. CDI provides complimentary “value-add” solutions where the “core” ERP functionality ends. SnapPay is a complete order-to-cash credit card automation and security (PCI) solution for JDE sales orders and invoices.

CDI’s SnapPay provides a complete and affordable solution to your company’s credit card processing requirements. SnapPay was developed to provide JDE customers, (E1 or World) involved with credit card payments, a secure end-to-end solution that meets the payment processing needs of today’s – and tomorrow’s – digital marketplace.

SnapPay Authorization – Authenticate CC Data & Reserve Funds
  • Interactive Authorization from JDE ERP (P4210) Form
  • Optional, Fully Automated (no-touch) Batch Authorization
  • Multiple Authorization Types: (1) Order Total (2) Total Plus Fudge Factor, etc.
  • Pro-Active Email Alert / Notification with Denied Transactions
  • Reprocess Credit Card Declined Orders
  • Void (before settlement) Functionality
  • Ability to Both Authorize & Settle (Capture) at time of order
  • SnapPay Settlement - Finalizes CC Transaction Payment to Merchant
  • Automated Backorder / Split Shipments Management
  • Intelligent Order Maintenance (Add / Delete / Change Line Items) for Automated Authorization & Settlement
  • Refund/Credit (after settlement) Functionality for both JDE & Credit Card
  • Automatic Re-Authorization (with Settlement / Capture) if Expired
  • Batch (default) or Interactive Settlement (Capture) Process
  • A/R Collection Tool - for CSR's, Finance & Accounting
  • Pay Open A/R Invoice(s) with a Credit Card
  • Allow for Full or Partial Payment Against Invoice
  • Initiates Automated A/R Batch Receipt Proces
  • SnapPay Administration - Setup, Change & Maintenance
  • Multi-Company Enabled
  • Multi-Currency Enabled
  • Multi-Pay Processor Enabled
  • Optionally works with JDE Work Orders
  • Supports Standard Windows PC Hardware/Software
  • Robust & Easy Administration – No Programming
  • Works with Tax & Shipping Logic
  • Gateways Supported: PayPal, Authorize.Net, CyberSource, Moneris, etc
  • Simplifying PCI Compliance
  • Tokenized or encrypted credit card data storage
  • Card information only stored on the gateway when tokenization
  • SnapPay only stores the token
  • Users only see the last 4 digits of the credit card
  • Credit card numbers never stored or displayed in JD Edwards
  • SnapPay has been accepted and listed on the Validated PA-DSS Product List by the PCI SCC.

  • CDI is an Authorized Oracle Partner and is a major Complementary (value-add) Software Provider to the J.D. Edwards (JDE) ERP community. Our flagship erce Storefront Solution is used by dozens of JDE companies for affordable Web based Ordering and Inquiry. CDI also offers SnapMobile customer self service on a mobile device, SnapVSS to automate J.D. Edwards (JDE) Collaborative Purchase Orders, SnapMail to intelligently integrate your corporate email server with JD Edwards for automated email Alert Notification.

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