E-Commerce Integrated with SAP ERP
E-Commerce Integrated with SAP ERP
  • Robust e-Catalog, Shopping Cart & Checkout
  • Easy-to-Use Shopping Cart & Checkout
  • Automated e-Mail for Order Acknowledgement
  • Quick & Easy Customer Realtime “Price & Availability” Inquiry
  • Cross-Selling, Up-Selling & Featured Items
  • Carrier/Order Hyperlink Tracking Capabilities
  • View, Print or Download to Excel Order Information
  • Order Inquiry for SAP Orders
  • Live Chat Integration with Response Knowledge Base
Items, e-Catalog
  • Real-Time Customer Pricing
  • Real-Time Inventory Availability & Order Status
  • Order Items By: (1) e-Catalog, (2) Search, (3) Favorites Lists (4) Excel Upload, (5) Quick & Multi SKU, (6) Past Orders
  • Customizable Item Tab Format for Detailed Information
  • Thumbnail Graphics & Multiple Images Per Item
  • View Items in Thumbnail or Row/Grid Forma
  • "e-Mail a Friend" the Item Details
  • Automated e-Mail Notification of Item Availability
  • 3 Column Detailed Compare Functionality
Ease of Use
  • Easy Point & Click Interface
  • Quick Setup & Administration
  • Easy to Maintain User Configuration Parameters
  • Custom Deployed GUI “Theme” & “Web Parts”
Superior Integration
  • BAPI Based Realtime Integration with SAP
  • Google Analytics – Like Visits / Abandonment etc.
Customizable Features
  • Fully Customizable Interface
  • Personalized e-Catalogs & Forms
  • Multi-Lingual (Double-Byte) Capabilities
  • Intranet (e.g., CSR, Sales) Functionality
About ERP2Web
ERP2Web from CDI is a suite of .NET Framework and BAPI based solution that transforms your SAP application into a real-time Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Electronic Storefront solution over the web. ERP2Web is easily and rapidly configurable, enabling you to extend web functionality quickly without making any changes to your existing back end ERP application.
Zero-Client B2B and B2C Solution
The web server runs on a Windows platform. ERP2Web is a zero client solution with centralized application maintenance. There is no client side software required. A web browser is all that is required.
Software Design
ERP2Web does not require any changes to the SAP business logic. The web client (Browsers) sends a request via the web to the ERP2Web application residing on the Web / Application server. The web server processes that request by connecting to the SAP ERP system by executing BAPI fuctionality using Remote Function Calls (RFC). The web server then sends the response back to the web client.
Easy Administration & Customization
ERP2Web is a highly customizable and easily manageable solution. It comes with built-in, easy-to-use administrative tools to enable you to customize and manage your web presence the way you desire.
Robust Multi-Layered-Security
We share your concern for security with your data on the web. ERP2Web sits behind your firewall (inside the DMZ if necessary) and also maintains your existing SAP data security and integrity.
Enabling Disparate Applications
ERP2Web supports web enabling disparate applications on multiple machines using a single copy of the ERP2Web software and one portal for customers of the disparate applications.
Maintenance & Support
To ensure your satisfaction, CDI has instituted an ongoing Customer Support program. CDI offers comprehensive help desk support and technical service. The program helps ensure that ERP2Web continues to meet your business needs. ERP2Web Customer Support Representatives, who are ERP2Web experts, will promptly address all questions or concerns that come from participating clients who subscribe to ERP2Web maintenance program. By subscribing to the CDI maintenance agreement, a client is entitled to unlimited Call Center and E-mail support. Subscribers also receive ongoing software releases and upgrades.

For more information, email: sales@cditechnology.com
or call: 630.785.9500 X 9545